TSVB index pattern does not include system indices

I am trying to make a make a visualization of my request rate.
I wanted to achieve this via TSVB but the problem is the data I need is split across 2 indices.
the .monitoring-es* system indices and my metricbeat-* index.
I renamed my metricbeat index to:
in order to be able to create an index pattern that would allow me access the data from both indices. When creating the index pattern it is clear that all the desired indices fall under the pattern, however when I specify the pattern in TSVB via the panel options the data is still not available. See screenshots for clarification. I want Queries & shards to be available within the same index pattern.

queries visible in system monitoring index:

shards visible in metricbeat index:

Even with an index pattern like this .* the Queries (system monitoring) are not accessible.

I am pretty sure I am missing something small ... does anyone know what it is? :slight_smile:


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