TSVB index-pattern usage


I just stumbled across a strange behaviour of Kibana (7.3.1) regarding the usage of index patterns.

I have a dashboard which contains some TSVB visualizations and „normal“ visualizations like a data table for example. All visualizations rely on the same index-pattern (e.g metricbeat-*). (This was at least my assumption.)

Once the dashboard was only showing data on the TSVB visualizations but not in the data table. There an error message was shown complaining a missing metricbeat-* index pattern.

After checking the index-patterns I saw the metricbeat-* was indeed not existing. But how could the TSVB visualizations still show data although they had metricbeat-* index pattern set in the related panel options.

It seems the TSVB visualizations are not using already existing index-patterns. They seem to use their own given index-pattern instead.

Why has this been implemented in TSVB in such a different and confusing way in compare to the other visualization types?


TSVB does queries directly to Elasticsearch and doesn't go through the same ES client as the rest of Kibana visualizations do. This is remnant from Timelion (on which TSVB is based on). There are enhancement requests regarding this and there is a rewrite of the TSVB app in progress, but I don't have any estimation on how much it will take.

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