TSVB Metric color based on text field and numeric value

I created a TSVB Metric widget that it's purpose is to function as a traffic light - should be red when there's an error in the system, yellow if there's a warning, and green if all is ok.
The problem is, I can't find a way to configure 3 different colors based on the "status" field ("error","warning","ok") and on the numeric value.
For now, I succeeded to configure green and red colors like this -

I really want to find out how to configure color based on the status and on the numeric value... is that possible somehow? I tried using Markdown widget also but it doesn't look as good as the Metric vis.

It doesn't really work that well with string values, it works on numeric values. What I would suggest is have 2 different TSVB metric visualizations, one that goes Green/Red if there are any Error ones and another one that goes Green/orange if there are any warnings.

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