TSVB metrics moving around/shaking on screen and strange refresh behaviour

Having issues, for a long time now with the TSVB metrics moving around on the screen, shaking about/moving side to side. It used to be much worse in previous versions and I have seen the issue happening again recently on latest Kibana. I have other general issues in TSVB as well where I lose the metric entirely momentarily then they reappear after saying "no results found".

The main issue I am having is the shaking metrics its driving me crazy and is a constant battle of fixing one then another one will start doing it. All related to screen size/scaling it seems as playing around with screen size will generally correct it but then make other metrics on the dashboard start shaking.

Another thing is that I use pretty aggressive timings on both kibana refresh as well as on the logstash side which may have something to do with the issue as well but very hard to test/troubleshoot TSVB.

What browser are you on?
What version of Kibana?

7.15.2 - Brave Browser and Edge both have the same/similar results.

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