TSVB Table, is it possible to remove rows where the count value is zero

Hi there!

I have a TSVB table that displays the most recent version value (Last Value) over the last 31 days for the devices in the environment. Each device creates multiple records a day as we perform the automatic checks. On my visualization I have my data timerange mode set to Last Value, I'm grouping the data by version an then I have a Count metric using Cardinality -> IP Address.

The first two rows of my table show a value, the count is correct on both instances and that's the data I expect to see on the table. Then it shows two more version values with a zero count that represents past versions in the environment.

Would it be possible to remove the rows where the count = 0 ?



Hello @azulgrana,

Are these past versions of the environment supposed to be there if the value is different from 0? Regardless of the value, should these versions still be part of the table?

Have you tried updating "rows" to 2 or removing these versions by adding a filter instead of keeping them there?

Hi Priscilla,

Anything with value > 0 should show up on the table, that's why I can't limit the view to only 2 rows. My goal is to display the most recent versions for all the systems, that's why I use the "Last Value" option. A filter unfortunately won't work because I don't have a way to know all the possible values for the versions. These are versions we update at least once a month on the systems. I wish we had an option to exclude values on the TSVB tables like we do on the aggregation tables .

I couldn't find a way to do something similar to "Last Value" with the aggregation table to get to the same result I need.

Moved the visualization to a TSVB Markdown and was able to filter out the rows showing a 0 count by using this markdown code

| Version | Count|
{{#each _all}}
  {{# if last.raw }}
|{{ label }} | {{ last.formatted }}|

The "if last.raw" was the key to filter out noisy records. I think this works for now, I'll apply some CSS later to make it look bit better.



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