Tutorial elastic search full text query search engine

Hi im looking for tutorial about build a search engine (proof of concept in windows or centos) with Elasticsearch, any idea where i can start?, we have about 500k files (html, word and pdf files) for start, we was searchging in YT without luck, if you have any tutorial or course or similar (step by step) it will be helpfull.


Hi @cmansilla,

Welcome to the Elastic community.

Here is the few steps which will help you to get start:

  1. Setup Elastic stacks (Elasticsearch & kibana) - Follow the official guide to install Elasticsearch & Kibana

  2. Parse file and ingest data - You can use FSCrawler which will read all docs and ingest data to elasticsearch. You can also use Attachment Processor part of Ingest pipeline which lets Elasticsearch extract file attachments in common formats.

  3. Search on your data - Once your data successfully indexed, Use _search API to query your data. Match Query is good point to get start with full text search.

Apart from this you can refer our beginner crash course to know more about Elastic stacks installation, Data index, full text search query etc..

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