Two control components in a dashboard (one is reset after setting the second control)

We are using Kibana 6.3 version and I noticed that if we have two control components in a dashboard, the value that I applied in the first control is removed whenever I set new values to second control.

Controller 1 values: A, B, C
Controller 2 values: 1, 2, 3

If I select B and apply the changes, data will be filtered with B category which is fine, but I want to apply also B combined with 2 category value from second controller. But when I do that, after selecting 2 and apply the changes, controller 1 will be reset removing my previously selected B category. So the only filter applied is only category 2.

Is there a way for the second controller to keep the value that I pre selected from the first controller to have a combination of B 2 categories?

Thanks in advance.

I'm unable to replicate what you're seeing on Kibana 6.3.2:

Hi, can you please take screenshot of the visualization controls and options configuration? I will counter check with my values. Thanks

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