Two index Pattern with same name after importation


I have two index pattern with the same name.

I have some visualization on the second index pattern but i need move the visualization to the first Index Pattern.

and delete the second index pattern after.

Do you have an idea?


Many thanks at all.


If you go to Stack Management > Index Patterns, you should be able to get an ID of your index pattern from the URL. URL will be something like: <your_hostname>/app/management/kibana/indexPatterns/patterns/ff959d40-b880-11e8-a6d9-e546fe2bba5f
The long alphanumeric value after patterns is your index pattern id; in this case index pattern ID is: ff959d40-b880-11e8-a6d9-e546fe2bba5f

Then, you go to Saved Objects, also under Stack Management. Find the visualization you need, and then from a pop-up selector on the right choose Inspect. The last section in there should be references, it will show current index pattern id:

You can replace this with the desired value, obtained in step 1.

But I must warn you, there is no guarantee this will work, if index patterns are different or don't contain the same data etc.


Thank you so much.

That's good.

Have a great weekend.


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