Visualizations Broken After Deleting Index Pattern (Resolved) "The index pattern associated with this object no longer exists."

I deleted and recreated an Index Pattern which broken visualizations associated to the old Index Pattern.

I used the following GET request on Dev Tools Console to list our Index Patterns and obtain the new Index Pattern's UUID, but could not find the pattern.

GET .kibana/_search
"_source": ["index-pattern.title"],
"query": {
"term": {
"type": "index-pattern"

I also search in
GET .kibana_1/_search


GET .kibana_2/_search

Ultimately, the easiest way to find the UUID of the new Index Pattern was from the link itself under Management > Kibana > Index Patterns

Right-click the Index Pattern and copy link, then paste into text field and note the UUID at the end of the URL.


thanks for the write-up

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