Two Index Patterns For Same Index?

We recently set up an import on our Elastic cloud and set up one index to hold a summary of those imports (datatype1) as well as summaries of the imports (datatype2).

I can't seem to find a way to create two distinct index patterns for the two types in the index and it appears queries against _type aren't working because that field isn't indexed by default. Is there a way to set up a second index pattern? And if not, is there a simple way to transfer data?

Sorry, still learning the stack, so some of these questions may be obvious.


What is the pattern you have?

You can use specific index names, ie datatype1 and datatype2, not just datatype*.

Hey again Mark, I can split them into two indices if need be, there's no rule that they have to be in the same location and this is still pre-production so we can rename the types if need be. If there was no absolute necessity to do so, I thought I'd avoid it.

It doesn't look like there's native Elasticsearch calls to move data from one index to another by query or the like. I see people speaking well of the ElasticDump tool, is that the preferred means of moving data?

I think I misread that, I thought datatype was the index name sorry! is what you want.

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