Settings->Configure an index pattern - can I specify a type?

So in the Settings->Configure an index pattern, is there a way to specifcy a type?

My index has 4 document types, all with different date fields - when I go to create the index pattern i get the choice of all these date fields - I'd rather include the type in the configuration. Can I do this?

Nope, and you will have issues migrating to ES 2.0/KB 4.2 because of this layout.
You should really split things into their own indices.

Thanks Mark.

So I have 20 sites, all with the same 4 document types, there may be 20M+ documents in each type. This could increase to 100+ sites quite quickly.
Each document type has a different date field ( all epoch_seconds but named differently )
What would you suggest as the best index/type structure for this setup?

One index per type would be my way.