List of fields in Indicies - Configure Index Pattern in Kibana

(Karthik Ramachandran) #1

I created an index with type mapping and uploaded few contents. In type mapping, I created types for attributes "PublishedTime" and "PublishedTimeGMT". I also ensured that all the documents/content I indexed do have the attribute as above in right case. But, when I go to kibana and try configure a index pattern, I see four items as below and not sure why. I'm expecting only two.


Am I missing something here. Any clarification is very helpful.

NOTE: I selected time-based events.

(Joe Fleming) #2

I suspect that the field mappings do exist with both cases in your cluster. You can verify this my looking at the raw mappings output and seeing if all 4 exist.

http://localhost:9200/_all/_mapping/?pretty=true would show you mappings on ALL indexes
http://localhost:9200/index_pattern*/_mapping/?pretty=true would show mappings for indexes matching that pattern.

Assuming your cluster is exposed at localhost:9200, of course.

If you don't see all 4 in the output, it's possible this is a bug in Kibana.

(Karthik Ramachandran) #3

I found the cause for this. But not sure of the fix as I use NEST to push data in.

Below the code I used to push data in. But, IndexDoc converts the first character to small case for each attribute. IndexClass is from NEST and I'm not sure if there is any property to set it.

IndexClass idx = new IndexClass();
idx.IndexDoc(currentFile, indexName, englishTypeName);

(Joe Fleming) #4

Hrm, I really don't know anything about the NEST client. I'm also not sure where to go to ask questions about the clients in general.

You might try posting in the elasticsearch section, someone there might be able to help, or at least point you in the right direction.

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