UDP Message from Filebeat to ElasticSearch to Grafana - How to filter for my value?

with the help of several guides I tried to show a constant UDP stream of double values (10 8byte double values each second) in a line chart in Grafana but I'm not sure how to get the value from elasticsearch into the Grafana line chart.

The stack I chose for this should be as simple as possible and i took:
UDP Input Plugin for Filebeat -> Elasticsearch -> Grafana

Here is the configuration of the filebeats.yaml file:

The connection to elasticsearch is established and works, filebeat is publishing the correct amount of values every 30 seconds (300 publishes)

My question is: How do I have to configure my Grafana to connect these values now into a realtime chart? What to choose for the metric? What field should I see there? (I assume the one I put into the filebeat.yaml but i can't find it)

I guess I failed to make clear what the problem is :frowning:

Right now I receive the data if I choose "COUNT as metric. The number of package within a certain timeframe is displayed then. But I haven't managed yet to get the actual double value out of each package. AVG or MAX don't show anything since I can't find the right "field".

According to my filebeat.yml file I'd expect to see "elasticsearch.udp_test_1" or something in the field tag of the Metric of my Grafana query but there are just hundreds of standard options for all kinds of data sources but not the field I configured.

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