UiPath Queues and how to sort on transaction ID

Hi there

I am seeking some assistance in regards to data visualization in Kibana with data from UiPath.

My challenge is related to the queue section of the UiPath Orchestrator, where I want to display the number of successful and failed queue items/transaction items split on the queue each item belongs to.
What makes it a challenge is that a queue item can be retried if it fails which creates x-number of documents in Kibana that all have a unique fingerprint and timestamp but share the same transactionID. So if I do a bar-chart visualization in Kibana, and count the unique transactionIDs split by queue name and transaction status (Successful or Failed), then I get a count for each state, whereas I'm only interested in the final state, either Successful or failed.
In the attaches picture, the bar on the right shows two counts, one failed and one successful. But in truth its only one count - Successful - since this queue item ended up succeeding after two tries.

So my question is: Is it possible to filter on the latest timestamp or maybe filter on documents that share the same transactionID but only count the one document that have the status of 'Successful'?
Either in the Visualize section or the Timelion section in Kibana?
And if it is possible, how would a query look like?

Kind regards
Kristian Emil

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