Unable to access Discover tab

The plugin i'm working on creates default index patterns based on tenant's id during the first start of Kibana in browser. The problem is that whilst doing it, the ' Create index pattern' menu appears and besides index patterns already existing prior to that, the Discover tab is unavailable (every click takes me back to 'Create index pattern menu') until Kibana is refreshed, then Discover tab is fully functional.

I've tried setting default index pattern by using server.inject() but it doesn't seem to work besides that request returns status 200.

Is there's a way to do it without the refresh?
Thanks a lot

I've managed to set default index pattern via savedObjectsClient, but it still has no effect without the refresh.

Hello Arseni,

I think you might be seeing this issue. Any chance you can upgrade to 7.2+?


I'm on 7.3 :slight_smile:
sorry for not specifying it in the post

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