"Unable to completely restore the URL" when viewing results from osquery in discover


When investigating the results from osquery, I want to use the "View in Discover" button:

It leads me to discover, but applies no filters and shows an error popup with the message "Unable to completely restore the URL". The URL is, for example, "/app/discover#/?_g=h@56697bc&_a=h@411c081", because I've enabled "state:storeInSessionStorage=true" in Advanced Settings. This may be the culprit here. If i reset this to false (which is the default), everything works!

The "View in Lens" Buttons work perfectly. I can even eventually get to the results in discover by first going to lens, and then choosing "Explore Data in Discover" from lens.

Is "state:storeInSessionStorage=true" expected to break things, or could this be a bug in the osquery UIs?


Edit: Shame on me for forgetting this - this is on 8.6.2.

Hi @nemhods ,

Afaik "state:storeInSessionStorage" was introduced as a workaround for url length limits issue in some legacy browsers, so I don't think it should break things.

What browser are you using?

Sound like an issue so far, but I will check internally and reply here.

Regards, Dima

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