Unable to create Index Pattrens in Kibana Dashboard

i have configured Elasticsearch and Kibana with version 6.x, am able to create indexes on Elasticsearch cluster and also i see those indexes in Elasticsearch index management in the kibana dashboard, and also it shows in kibana index pattren list but am not able to create index pattren for "filebeat and logstash" it's keep loading, please suggest me.



When you specify filebeat-* and hit "Next step", I assume you configure a time field but you just didn't share the screenshot, correct?

Can you check the browser console and the Kibana server logs for errors?

Which version of Kibana is this? 6.5?


By the way, I see some similar issues reported on the GitHub repo. You can follow these to see if they pertain to your situation:

@cjcenizal thanks for the response.

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