Unable to fetch mapping. Do you have indices matching the pattern? (Indices exist)


So, after I dropped index pattern (telemetry_*), I cannot add it back. I have the indices that match the pattern (GET /_cat/indices) in elasticsearch. Also each index has data in it as they are existing indices.


Kibana is stubborn as below:

Can I please get a help?

The elastic stack versions are as follow:
elasticsearch 5.2.0
kibana 5.2.0
logstash 5.2.2

Also, if I create another index and insert some data and try to add index pattern that matches the index, kibana won't fetch it either.

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Hey @jjmn1109, this is commonly caused by logging in with a user that doesn't have permission to access these indices.

Can you make sure the user you're logged in can search over the data? Can you try logging in as the superuser and adding the index pattern?

GET telemetry_*/_search

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