Unable to find the cluster in the selected time range. HTTP 404


I have an elastic cluster and i'm trying to setup the stack monitoring.

I followed the instructions on these pages :

But I have an error :

Unable to find the cluster in the selected time range. UUID [{UUID}] HTTP 404

I checked the indices, and .monitoring-es-7-mb-{date} is present. The logs seems good.

Some informations about my cluster :

  • Cluster is with a gold license in a production mode
  • I am monitoring the cluster itself
  • My ssl certificate has the DNS CN, I can't pass by localhost. So in the metricbeat elasticsearch-xpack configuration, I putted the domain name. (everything looks good with that)
  • For testing, I am sending the metricbeat logs on the same node that i'm trying to monitor.

Do you have any suggestions ?

I'd suggest you raise a request with the Support team, as you are entitled to that with your license.

I prefer to post on the community before. It permits that people that will have the same problems to solve it quickly. Same for me, I would have liked to find a similar topic :innocent:

I appreciate that. However there is no SLA here and no guarantee of an answer, despite our best efforts. You can ask the Support team and then post the answer here, which accomplishes both things you are looking to do :slight_smile:

That is the plan :slightly_smiling_face:

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the problem was that the node didn't have the "ingest" role as mentionned on this page https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.10/configuring-metricbeat.html

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