Unable to generate export - Kibana 7.2.0


when I try to export all objects in the "Saved Objects" screen using the "Export xx objects" button, I get the error "Unable to generate export". I did not change anything in the shown "Export dialog", just press "Export all". In previous Kibana versions this was no problem.
Can you please check and correct this bug.

See also attached screenshot.

Hey @Ron70, would you mind checking your kibana logs for a hint on what the underlying error is and then creating a bug report with as much information that you have for so we can recreate and resolve the issue?

Hi @Brandon_Kobel,

I just repeated the "Export xx objects" task and there is no new entry in Kibana or ElasticSearch logs. Just the error message "Unable to generate export" appears on screen and no data are exported.
But if I toggle the newly (with 7.2.0) introduced switch "Include related objects" to OFF, then the export is working. So the new functionality seems to cause trouble here.

Hi @Brandon_Kobel,

I just found the troublemaker. I had a visualization within my Saved Objects which was based on a not more existing index pattern. After deleting this visualization I was able export all objects also with option "Include related objects".

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