Unable to generate report TypeError: FieldFormat is not a constructor

Hi Team,

I am not able to generate CSV report from Kibana.

Getting error:
Couldn't create report for search
TypeError: FieldFormat is not a constructor


I am able to download CSV report for old saved object.


Hey @Aniket_Salvi ,

That looks like a bug to me unless you're using some old Kibana version? If you still see this error in Kibana 7.11.0, then would you mind filing a bug with the steps to reproduce here: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new?assignees=&labels=bug&template=Bug_report.md


Hi @azasypkin ,

Yes, I am using the older version of kibana.

Elasticsearch version - 6.4.3
Kibana version - 6.4.3

How can I handle these issues in the older version?


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