Unable to get logs to elastalert with helk

Hi Team,
I have successfully set up helk by following the instructions provided in the GitHub repository. Additionally, I have configured winlogbeat to send my event/sysmon logs to Kibana through Kafka. Now, my goal is to configure elastAlert to receive notifications for specific event IDs from winlogbeat and integrate it with Slack. I have followed a guide to achieve this, but despite the configuration, I am not seeing any logs for elastalert in Kibana. I would like assistance in troubleshooting and resolving this issue so that I can receive elastalert notifications for specific event IDs in my helk setup.

This is the error screenshot that for the index elastalert_status_status from kibana

This is my elastalert configuration to integrate with slack

    image: otrf/helk-elastalert:latest
    container_name: helk-elastalert
      driver: "json-file"
        max-file: "5"
        max-size: "6m"
    restart: always
      - helk-logstash
      ES_HOST: helk-elasticsearch
      ES_PORT: 9200
      SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL: https://hooks.slack.com/services/<random-string>

Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome,

ElastAlert is a third-party tool that it is not supported here, it would be better to open an issue on the repository you used to spin-up the stack to understand what didn't work.

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