Unable to Login to Kibana using newly created user

I login to Kibana successfully using the "elastic" user account. I create a new user (username: test), I assign a password and also assign the role of "superuser" (the same as the "elastic" user).

I logout of Kibana, clear cache and then open the browser fresh and attempt to login using the new "test" user account. When I click "Log In" I receive "Invalid username or password. Please try again.".

I login in again using the "elastic" user (successfully) and then change the password on "test" to something else. Try the login process again and I get the same error.

Any thoughts on what the issue could be?


What does your elasticsearch.yml look like? Is the native realm enabled (it is by default, but it's easy to accidentally disable it)?

Thanks @TimV that was it - I thought I had removed the realm setting - but clearly i did not Ctrl-O Enter before closing.

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