Unable to open index after closing all

Kibana version : 7.6

Elasticsearch version : 7.6

APM Server version : 7.3.2

APM Agent language and version : java 1.9.0

Fresh install or upgraded from other version? fresh install

Is there anything special in your setup? For example, are you using the Logstash or Kafka outputs? Are you using a load balancer in front of the APM Servers? Have you changed index pattern, generated custom templates, changed agent configuration etc. :----no

I was trying to do a restore snapshot and closed all the indexes as an error was shown to close the index for restoring. But now I am not able to do any operation on indexes. I try to open an index and I am getting below error. I tried POST /.*/_open and POST /.kibana_1/_open . everything leads to below error. How can I continue working?

{"message":"closed: [index_closed_exception] closed, with { index_uuid="sTrUswmeTvOnvofMH1C9GA" & index=".kibana_1" }","statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request"}

Any updates?

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