Unable to process multiple logs

Hi, I'm relatively new to Filebeat in general and I'm currently facing the problem of being unable to process multiple logs under a single "paths" segment. In my case, only the first log is processed whereas the rest are left untouched.

I've also tried using the "path/*.log" method but only cron logs specifically are processed. Please kindly provide me with some assistance.

Is there anything interesting in the logs if you max out the loglevel settings by starting Filebeat with -d "*"?

Next time please don't post screenshots. Copy/paste the text instead and format it as code (there's a toolbar button for it).

Sorry about that, I'm still quite new to the forum. I forgot to state this but the logs are all back from 2014

Can I ask how do you do that?

Sorry, do what?

" starting Filebeat with -d "*" "

I'm not sure how to explain that differently; add -d "*" to your Filebeat command line:

filebeat ... -d "*"