Unable to process multiple logs


Hi, I'm relatively new to Filebeat in general and I'm currently facing the problem of being unable to process multiple logs under a single "paths" segment. In my case, only the first log is processed whereas the rest are left untouched.

I've also tried using the "path/*.log" method but only cron logs specifically are processed. Please kindly provide me with some assistance.

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Is there anything interesting in the logs if you max out the loglevel settings by starting Filebeat with -d "*"?

Next time please don't post screenshots. Copy/paste the text instead and format it as code (there's a toolbar button for it).


Sorry about that, I'm still quite new to the forum. I forgot to state this but the logs are all back from 2014


Can I ask how do you do that?

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Sorry, do what?


" starting Filebeat with -d "*" "

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I'm not sure how to explain that differently; add -d "*" to your Filebeat command line:

filebeat ... -d "*"

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