'Unable to revive connection' errors when running ES in Docker container

(Marco) #1

I'm creating an search application, using Docker containers and keep getting 'Unable to revive connection' and 'No living connections' errors. The setup I'm using:

  • ES 2.4 image in Docker container
  • elasticsearch.js based front-end in nginx container
  • ubuntu container for test pruposes
  • all containers in a user-defined network within docker

I feed ES using curl from the ubuntu container with some test data. Works well: data is indexed and can be queried. All from the ubuntu container. When I try to query from my js frontend, however, I get the above error messages. Running it on my Mac, works all perfect. The errors only appear when communication is between containers.

This is what I already found out, trying to solve the issue:

Still no effect. Has anyone a clue?

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