Unable to see ESquery while creating Rules and Connectors


I have created a user in Kibana with some limited permissions. When I am trying to create Rules using that user I cannot see ESquery option. This option is available for superuser account.

The user role have following privileges.

1. Cluster privileges : monitor, manage_watcher, monitor_watcher, monitor_transform, read_ilm, manage

2. Index privileges : all, create, read, manage_ilm, manage, index, create index, auto_configure, view_index_matadata, monitor

The user profile has below privileges.

1. User : watcher_user, monitoring_user

Can you please suggest the set of permissions that I need to give to the user that I have created, so that it can access ESquery.
Attached is screenshot from both superuser and user account.

I have the same issue!! +1

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