Unable to see some OTel log attributes on Elastic APM-Server 8.6.2


I've set up OTel integration with Elastic stack with the following guide - OpenTelemetry native support | APM User Guide [8.7] | Elastic.

The setup I've have is using OTel collector to send the logs data to APM server's OTLP endpoint.

I'm able to see logs in the data stream and the attributes in OTel Log record is being mapped to labels on Elastic APM. However, I noticed attributes that have value with data type of Map or Slice (JSON object or Array) are not being mapped onto the logs in Elastic.

Will like to check if there is any way to have these attributes being mapped to the logs in Elastic?


@Chris_Lai welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately we don't have any support for map-type attributes at the moment, as you have discovered. This is an oversight. I've opened an issue at input/otlp: record map-type attributes · Issue #32 · elastic/apm-data · GitHub

Slices should work, but we may have a bug here. Can you share any more about the slice? What kind of values are in the slice?

Thanks @axw for the quick reply! For Slices, the values in the slice are map-type so that explains why it's not being mapped as well.

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