Missing JVM Metrics with Opentelemetry

Kibana version: 8.3.3

Elasticsearch version: 8.3.3

APM Server version: 8.3.3

Opentelemetry java agent: 1.18.0

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Setup Elasticsearch, Kibana & APM server 8.3.3
  2. Setup Opentelemetry collector to export otlp to Elastic APM
  3. Instrumented java application using opentelemetry-javaagent
  4. Configure application to export oltp telemetry data to Opentelemetry collector

Hi, I have this setup going:

java application (otlp) -> Opentelemetry Collector -> Elastic APM

Everything looks fine from Kibana, however I am unable to view any JVM related metrics

I changed the java agent to the Elastic Java agent and exported the telemetry data directly into Elastic APM and it seemed to worked:

Does anyone know whether this is intended behavior for Opentelemetry exported metrics to not show in the JVM tab or is this something I can configure to get it supported?

Hi @zirota ,

OpenTelemetry changed the metrics format for JVMs at some point, that's why it is not working with OTel Java agent version 1.18 and Elastic Stack version 8.3.

This has been fixed recently in the Elastic APM Server and should be available with the next release of the Elastic Stack.


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