Unable to send bunyan logs in kibana using elastic apm node module (node js code)

Hi Team,

I have created a node js code where I created a bunyan logger class consist of a constructor that returns the logger in below format -

public logger: any
constructor (serviceName: string) {
this.logger = bunyan.createLogger(
name: serviceName,
serializers: bunyan.stdSerializers,
streams: [
{stream: process.stdout, level: 'info'},
{stream: process.stderr, level: 'error'}
return this.logger;

Later using this logger iam trying to log custom logs. I want to pass these bunyan logs generated in my application to Kibana dashboard. How ever when i use elastic_apm_node.start() options and in the logger value i give this parameter logger : this.logger, but these bunyan logs are not transfered to kibana. The traces are visible in service part of APM in kibana dasboard but what i wanted to acheive is these bunyan logs from application getting reflected in kibana

Please help me

Iam able to see the traces etc, but i would also like to see the bunyan logs reflecting in my kibana dasboard.

The default logger used in elastic_apm_node i can see is pino, but i dont think this should cause any issue in picking the bunyan logs into the streams in kibana

I see that by default the APM agent logs to stdout in ecs-logging format, in the ecs-logging only three formats are mentioned, however i want to integrate bunyan logs too. Is there any way to achieve this

@elastic_team requesting your help in my above issue. please suggest and help

@elastic_team anyone could suggest me how to integrate custom logs (bunyan) from application and sent to elastic APM

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