Unable to setup PagerDuty or Slack notification on ES7.x


The documentation for setting up notifications for Slack or PagerDuty are outdated and wrong

Im running on elastic cloud with standard subscriptions

can anyone please help with setting this up correctly on version 7.0.1?

i tried to setup a keystore but that failed with unknown setting [xpack.notification.pagerduty.secure_service_api_key]

i tried to edit the elaticsearch config but nothing i have tried works

I would be happy if someone can provide specific instructions on how to connect slack and pagerduty

Hey Ami,

sorry, it's not been working as expected. Let's try to fix that!

that setting you referred to does not include an account name, like


Also, can you include the full settings also for slack, so we can try and check?

Thank you!


Hi Alex

sad that i had to write a post on medium on how to achieve this

the elastic search documentation is outdated and scattered and it's not easy to understand a basic config file and its types

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