Unable to uninstall X-pack

Hi Team,

I have installed X-Pack in a curiosity to know how it works. Now I want to uninstall it. But I cannot uninstall. When I try uninstalling with these commands:

bin/elasticsearch-plugin remove x-pack

[root@915468-ElasticDemo elasticsearch]# systemctl stop elasticsearch

[root@915468-ElasticDemo elasticsearch]# sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin remove x-pack

-> removing [x-pack]...

ERROR: plugin [x-pack] not found; run 'elasticsearch-plugin list' to get list of installed plugins

[root@915468-ElasticDemo elasticsearch]# curl


"name" : "915468-ElasticDemo.newfrontierdata.com",

"cluster_name" : "ElasticDemO",

"cluster_uuid" : "na",

"version" : {

"number" : "6.5.1",

Please help me to accomplish this task . I have gone through the following URL and your official document too.

The docs you've linked to are for Elastic Stack 6.2.

It looks like you are using Elasticsearch 6.5.1. If that's the case and you're using the default distribution, you cannot uninstall X-Pack. You can apply a license to the cluster however, including a free perpetual basic license.

Hi Rass Cam,

Thank you very much for your reply . Appreciate your support.

How Can I Disable X-pack . Please help me to do this

If you don't want X-Pack, including the free features in basic, then just use the -oss version of the packages as they don't have it bundled.

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