Unable to unzip Logtash 7.7.0 package for windows

There seems to be some errors when the latest Logstash package is created.
This is for windows installation using the Zip file.
URL of the download file: https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/logstash/logstash-7.7.0.zip

Using default window extraction, error out with "compressed zip folder is invalid".
Using 7 Zip, error out with

  1. logstash-7.7.0.zip
    Headers Error
    Unconfirmed start of archive
    There are data after the end of the payload data
  2. Dataerror: logstash-7.7.0\logstash-core\jars\guava-22.0.jar

Is anyone facing the same issue?

Extracted just fine for me.
Could be a faulty download or something. Did you try downloading again?

Hi Faiz0210,
Sorry for the late replies. I have tried the same download multiples time before getting a “good” copy. This is weird as I don’t have the same problem downloading from other sites using the same network. To remove any potential variables due to my network, I have reached out to company network folks to download files for me. After several unsuccessful attempts to install Elasticsearch using the MSI package (similar issues were reported by others), I am holding off testing Logstash till there are further updates from Elastic. Really appreciate the response! Thanks!

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