Unable to update Elasticsearch license

the guide of Shield is out of date.
The license is missing 'S'
curl -XPUT -u admin 'http://:/_license' -d @license.json

But even after that the license status of the cluster didn't update to valid.

Can you link to the page which has this issue?

This is the link : https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/shield/current/license-management.html

When you use _license it gives me invalid index name. when I added the 's' _licenses . the acknowledge returns with true but the license is not updated.

Could you please direct me to a correct docuementation ?

I think you are doing something wrong. The documentation looks correct to me and I double checked with the code source. _license is the end point.

May be you did not install the license plugin or you did not restart the nodes?

I already installed the license plugin and we used to have a valid license but got expired. I am only trying to update the license which should be: curl -XPUT -u admin 'HTTP://:9200/_license' -d @new_license.json
, I don't need to restart the nodes as mentioned in the documentation

While in another documentation https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/shield/shield-1.2/license-management.html

The license has the S at the end. I tried it, but the license status is still expired.

Which elasticsearch version are you using?

Actually, read the documentation which corresponds to the version you are using: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/shield/index.html

Note that from elasticsearch 2.0, the license plugin uses the same version number as elasticsearch.

I am using Elasticsearch 1.5.2 and Shield 1.3.1

I used the right documentation with the "licenses" and I got the acknowledge back with a true and valid license but when I query the licenses I can't see the new license. I already have three expired licenses. Could it be the problem? Do you know how to delete them?