Unable to use TSVB visualization even after specifying index

I'm trying out TSVB viz on kibana, and the visualization doesnt work as expected . Are there any rules to creating a TSVB viz ? like use a particular date format or visualize only a certain data pattern ?

Hi, does it renders data if the interval is set to auto?

Unfortunately it doesn't render data ,even if the interval is set at auto . Should the interval be reduced ? or increased ?

okay fixed it , it came once i added the @timestamp back in logstash . Can we replace the value in @timestamp to the timestamp on the log ?

I think so, but depends if the field is mapped correctly as date
can you share the output of curl -XGET <es_url>/logstash_viz/_mappings so we can check the correct type for theTime_UTC field
Can you also please send an example value from that field?

I changed the mapping a few minutes ago and now able to redirect the value to @timestamp using date filter .

 curl -XGET 

checked output here

              "GM_Time" => "07/22 09:07:40",
    "GM_CPU_Percentage" => "81.5",
           "@timestamp" => 2021-07-22T09:07:40.000Z

the log line that was parsed :-

[07-22 09:07:40 I    systeminfo.cpp: 394] cpu usage = 81.5%

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