Displaying time lag data as an average over time using TSVB


I would like some assistance please.

I'm using Amazon OpenSearch Service (successor to Amazon Elasticsearch Service).

Currently I have set of documents in my index that have following date/time fields

  • "CreatedDateTime"
  • "ProcessedDateTime"

The CreatedDateTime in the represents when the document was created.
The ProcessedDateTime represents when my application had successfully processed the document.

For each of the documents I would like to calculate and then display the difference as a single unit / display that as an average over a given period. Essentially I would to display the "lag" over a given period.

I've setup a "script field" on my index pattern. I used this in my script:

doc['CreatedDateTime'].date.millis - doc['ProcessedDateTime'].date.millis

I then went to create a TSVB visualisation but I don't know how to use the script field within here.

How could I use TSVB to display what I'm trying to do?
Is TSVB the correct visualisation to use?

Unfortunately we are not able to help on this as opensearch is an aws run fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana.

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