Unable to view Security option under Management option in Kibana

I want to restrict user using Role Based Access Control(RBAC)
I have a Kibana Basic license version on 7.3.0, when I checked the Management Option there is no Security option available. But as per https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions it has been mentioned RBAC is available on Kibana with Basic License
Am I missing something. Please find the attached screenshots.

Security should be available under basic license is 7.3.

What are the permissions of the user your are logged in with? Could you login with the admin \ elastic user and post a screenshot?

Thanks @Liza_Katz,
Following error on Kibana UI I am getting. "Access is denied because security is disabled in Elasticsearch". So how to enable the security?

By default, the Elasticsearch security features are disabled when you have a basic or trial license. To enable security features, use the *xpack.security.enabled* setting.

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