Unable to view "Snapshot & restore" option in Kibana UI( v6.8.14)

Hi All,

I am novice to elk stack, installed elasticsearch & kibana both with 6.8.14 version however I dont see "Snapshot & restore" option in kibana ui. But I can see "snapshot & restore" option in version 7.12 of kibana UI. Is it possible to get "snapshot & restore" option in kibana 6.8.14, if so how, what additional steps I should follow to achieve the same? Kindly help.

first thing I will say why are you using older version.
if you are starting fresh then use 7.12.1 newest version.
7.x has major security update and ELK made it free you can have feature like sapce/roles/users etc..

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This was added in 7.2, so you will need to upgrade as Sachin indicates - Snapshot repositories | Kibana Guide [7.2] | Elastic

Ok got it thanks.

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