Understanding & Testing Installation & Setup of Topbeats/Beats

I've just setup Elastic with Amazon Web Services hosted feature. Once I set that up I setup a Topbeats on a Windows EC2 instance and started the service (after setting the template, etc). After all this I navigate to the kibana page and I can't create an index. I've insured that the EC2 Windows Server can connect to theoretically send data to the Elastic store but it doesn't appear to be sending any data.

Is there an easy way to determine not only that the Beats Topbeat Service is started but that it is indeed sending data?

Hi @adron, the easiest way to see what is going on with Topbeat is to stop the service and start Topbeat in the foreground with debug logging to the console.

Stop-Service topbeat
cd to\your\topbeat\dir
.\topbeat.exe -c path\to\topbeat.yml -e -v -d "*"

Ah, that helped. I was able to get it started on that machine and get data logging. I'm currently digging through some other issues so knowing how to start logging like that is exactly what I needed. Somehow I'd missed it in the documentation. :sunglasses:

Just to add, for reference to others - the debug documentation is available at => https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/libbeat/current/command-line-options.html. I also ended up with a subsequent question, that maybe should have been attached to this thread but I've started a new topic located here and linked for future reference.