Unique count of host based on system cpu pct and system memory pct

i want to classify the server as healthy,warning and bad health server based on range.Suppose if my system.cpu.used.pct and system.memory.actual.used.pct is <40 then it falls under healthy server if it falls between 40 to 60 den warning server status if above 60 bad server status. how do i filter these two fields n get the unique count

how to find the unique count of host whose system.cpu.used.pct and system.memory.actual.used.pct < 40

is there any update??

Hey @aparnababu, you can use a metric visualization configured similar to the following:

i would like to compare both system.cpu.user.pct and system.memory.actual.pct and get the server status. is there any possibility to use two fields (system.cpu.user.pct and system.memory.actual.pct) in same visualization and get the server status?

Hey @aparnababu, yes you can. You can change use system.cpu.user.pct < 40 and system.memory.actual.pct < 40 for the filter.

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