Update/delete index not work in Kibana Windows

I am trying to update/delete index in Kibana Windows ,
and it is doesn't work ( it is working very well on Ubuntu)

I tried to update the new indexes from Kibana-> not feedback.

I tried to delete index from Kibana page and from -> not feedback, not deleted.
curl -XDELETE 'http://localhost:9200/logstash-2016.01.19' -> deleted from logstash but not from Kibana, still show the index.

And I am trying to delete some Objects, but kibana doesn't delete it.

Any clue?

You cannot delete via Kibana, so I am not clear on what you are actually trying to do here.

Are you just trying to delete the index pattern from Kibana? If so, you can do that through the Kibana interface itself:

Thank you both,

I solved it,
the problem was adblock, because when you try to delete/update the indexes throw kibana it is opening a popup and adblock it is blocking every things.

Thank you,
have a nice day

Thanks for updating us with the resolution!