Update document structure without duplication

Hi all,

I need to read alla index documents and for all add a new field with default value, my code is this:

input {
	elasticsearch {
	hosts		=> ["http://myelastic:9200"]
	index		=> "myindex-txt"
	user		=> aaa
	password	=> aaa

filter {

	mutate {
	add_field => { "my_flag"	=> "N" }

now in output if I try the "elasticsearch" plugin the result is the duplication of the documents, but if I try _update_by_query the document is modified.
The problem with my _update_by_query is that query part match only a subset of my documents.
I need something like this:

output {

if [a_field] != "1" add the field ( mutate ) with default value

if [a_field] != "2" add the field with "Y" value


Please help!


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