Update license

right now i using "open-source" license, can i update to "basic" license manually?

because i need a map

You will need to install the default distribution instead of the OSS one.

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how? where i get the default distribution?

is this a "basic" license?

When you install the default distribution it comes with a free Basic license by default, which unlocks some X-Pack features. Additional features can be unlocked by purchasing a subscription. Exactly which level you need will depend on the features you require.

how do i know my ELK using free basic license?

because i can't get the geolocation

Which version of Elasticsearch are you using?

What do you get if you curl the Elasticsearch HTTP port, e.g.

You can also try the get license API.

aaah now i know i use basic, thanks anyway. but why i don't get the maps/geolocation?

Which version of Elasticsearch are you using? What exactly is not working?

i using 7.10
the maps is not working,

Is your cluster connected to the internet? What is the mapping for the field(s) you want to use? What exactly does “is not working” mean?

no my cluster doesn't connect to internet.
the geolocation
i have a warning at kibana it's "unable to retrieve...".

Then you will need to use your own tile server. Maps by default require access to the tile servers run by Elastic to work.

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so, it should be have an internet connection?

Your clients (browsers accessing Kibana) also need access to the internet to receive map data from the tile services provided by Elastic. There is more information here.

For enterprise environments with restricted or no internet access we have recently released Elastic Maps Server. This is a self-hosted version of Elastic Maps Service.

aaah i see, thanks Nick

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