Upgrade Assistant showing critical message

Hi Team,
Wondering how to resolve this critical warning in Upgrade Assitant
currently we are on elasticsearch 6.8 version and planning to upgrade to Elastic 7.9

I see following message tagged as critical
" Bulk thread pool renamed to write thread poo

the write threadpool is now used for all writes (nodes impacted: [elasticprod_data004, elasticprod_coordinating003, elasticprod_data0011, elasticprod_data006, elasticprod_data005, elasticprod_coordinating002, elasticprod_data0010, elasticprod_data001, elasticprod_data002, elasticprod_data0012, elasticprod_master003, elasticprod_master002, elasticprod_data007, elasticprod_data008, elasticprod_data003, elasticprod_coordinating001, elasticprod_master001])"

Wondering how to rectify this?

You have adjusted the settings for the bulk threadpool in the elasticsearch.yml config files on the listed nodes. The fix is to remove all settings that begin thread_pool.bulk... from these config files.

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