Upgrade breaks config

Hello Friends,
maybe i'm doing it wrong sind years...
Can anyone tell me where i can put my individual config and keep it safe during an upgrade?

Every time, when i upgrade my ELK, the process tries to overwrite my elasticsearch.yml with default settings. It tries to remove the cluster settings, the IP and so on....

Oh, yes. There is a /etc/default/elasticsearch...
Same here. I put there my NodeName and other things, and after every upgrade i can set this again.

Same for FileBeat, Metricbeat, Kibana...

I cannot beleive that this is the "normal" way.

Thank you,

The "normal" way is documented here: Upgrade Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Guide [7.12] | Elastic

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This is standard linux behaviour, but you should also be able to tell your package manager to ignore changes in the new packages.

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