Es.default.config is no longer supported. when upgrading from 1.6 to 2.4.4, ubuntu 14.04

(Shamsul Haque) #1

I was trying to upgrade my elasticsearch version 1.6 to 2.4.4 on my Ubuntu 14.04. What i did is i downloaded elasticsearch-2.4.4.deb from your site and installed it.
At the time of installation it asked me to change /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml and /etc/init.d/elasticsearch and i said N.

After installation when i try to start elasticsearch, in log it says:
[2017-02-09 12:46:17,129][INFO ][bootstrap ] es.default.config is no longer supported. elasticsearch.yml must be placed in the config directory and cannot be renamed.

And elasticseach didn't get started.
Any help please.

(Fanfan) #2

have a try:
$ES_HOME/bin/elasticsearch -Des.path.conf=/etc/elasticsearch/

(Shamsul Haque) #3

Hey wenpos, It worked, but it has issues:

  1. I used .deb package so that Elasticsearch can work as a service. And by this it will run on console.
  2. i need to change the permissions of folders as don't run elasticsearch as root
  3. Logs are printed on console, not in /var/log/elasticsearch/. I need to put one more parameter for log file location may be. Well i need to pass every location like data, pid directories.

Thanks for this but i don't think this is a solution to use on production.

(Shamsul Haque) #4

Any suggestion, Please. Or is this eligible for an issue?

(Mark Walkom) #5

You should have overwritten those files during the upgrade as there are major changes between 1.X and 2.X with them.

(Shamsul Haque) #6

Hi Mark,
Yes i think so, i needed to take a backup of old config files and then try to upgrade it. But the thing is that i haven't found any clue for this in any up-gradation doc.

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