Upgrade from elasticsearch 1.4 to 2.x

(Alf Normann Klausen) #1


My customer are running elasticsearch version 1.4 single instance (no cluster) on centos 6.7, in production.
I am asked to install the newest elasticsearch version 2.x on the same server.

Can I install version 2.x on the same server and then run both versions at the same time while the elasticsearch (version 1.4) is up and running in production?

Or will the installation of version 2.x interfere with my current elasticsearch installation, config or setup?
(the plan is to run the elasticsearch installation using yum repository)

Anyone got some experience that could help me in this task?

Do I need to do some tricks like renaming the directories where the old version is installed?

Thanks for any hints on this!

Kind regards Alf

(Mark Walkom) #2

By install, if you mean extract a tar.gz, then yes. You can't use yum to install 2.0 alongside 1.4.

(system) #3