Upgrading from Elasticsearch 1.4 to 2.x through yum?

Hi everyone, I just have a quick question about upgrading elasticsearch through yum. We have a 1.4 implementation here that we've been running into a few issues with, and we're considering upgrading to the latest version, since we are fairly out of date.

We installed it through yum initially, and my question is this: is upgrading as simple as switching the repository to the newest version and then doing "yum update elasticsearch"? The documentation for upgrading kinda glosses over that part a bit. Thanks!


Prior to upgrading I'd recommend running the migration helper:

You should start here for the upgrade instructions:


Also review all of the breaking changes as there are many and this may require you to make some manual changes to your elasticsearch.yml, mappings, etc:


At the very least you need to set the network.host parameter. In addition to upgrading Elasticsearch, you also need to upgrade the plugins.