Upgrade from version 7.17.3 to 8.1.3 can't get past xpack logging error in upgrade assistant

Upgrade deployment
Generally available versions
8.1.3 selected

Your changes cannot be applied
Kibana - 'xpack.security.audit.appender.type' is not allowed

Upgrade is greyed out.

This is not a just a warning, we cannot go further. Do we need to set the logging in the yml file to False to get around this?


Hello Robert,

From which version are you trying to upgrade to 8.1.3?


Also do you see this set in your cloud Kibana settings? The setting is deprecated. So you will have to remove it.


We are using the Elastic SaaS solution and we are upgrading from version 7.17.3

Will the new audit log default setting remove the deprecated xpack audit log setting when we migrate to version 8?

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