Upgrade Kibana to latest version?

(dkraut) #1

Anyone have the basic steps to upgrade to the latest version of kibana?

(Magnus Bäck) #2

Well, what version are you upgrading from?

Normally, upgrade considerations are listed in the release notes. If you are more than one release behind you should read all of them.

(dkraut) #3

Version 4.0.1
Build 5930

(Magnus Bäck) #4

Okay. I don't think 4.1 has any particular changes that you need to worry about when upgrading from 4.0 but again, check the release notes. For the actual upgrade just replace the files and restart the service.

(balasubramaniam) #5

Hi Magnu,

I need to upgrade my kibana 5.1 version, because i need to install Marvel plugin.

below details of my kibana version.

Version 4.4.2
Build 9732
Commit SHA b0ef773

I hope reply soon....



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